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The 4 Incredible Benefits of IV Nutrient Therapy

IV Therapy

4 Incredible Benefits of IV Nutrition Therapy

Dr. Niele Maimone, DC

 We all know that nutrition is essential to our health. However, as people age, vital nutrients in the body diminish mostly due to impaired digestion, lack of absorption, and toxicity. Unfortunately, our body can only absorb about 20-30% of the nutrients from pills and supplements. Our ability to digest and absorb food and supplements diminishes as we age. That is why intravenous nutrition (IV nutrition) is used to help people with nutrient deficiency symptoms.

What Is IV Nutrient Therapy and How Does It Work?

IV nutrition therapy involves injecting a potent combination of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients into the bloodstream. This procedure usually takes place in a medical office or under the supervision of a skilled medical expert. Nutrients injected directly into the circulatory system are promptly distributed to the cells that need them; the intravenous technique is the fastest way to administer nutrients throughout the body.  Because IV nutrition provides various benefits for the receiver, it can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual. 

Four Incredible Benefits of IV Nutrition Therapy

  1. Helps Treat Nutrient Deficiencies

You are what you absorb, not necessarily what you eat! Malabsorption is common and is aggravated by stress, surgery, GI issues, poor-quality food, drug, and alcohol consumption which all can affect the extent to which nutrients are assimilated. Virtually all metabolic and developmental processes in the body require micronutrients, and strong evidence suggests that subtle vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant deficiencies can contribute to degenerative conditions such as arthritis, cancer, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. 

Many people are prone to having a low amount of essential electrolytes and vitamins. It is common for athletes, weekend warriors and, post partiers to be depleted as well as dehydrated. IV therapy provides vitamins and electrolytes to reduce the symptoms of dehydration, such as fatigue, cramping, nausea, headaches, and thirst.

Because the IV technique is the fastest way to administer nutrients into the body, it can help treat the symptoms created by low nutrient levels, including electrolyte, vitamin, mineral, and amino acid deficiencies.

   2. Promotes Weight Loss

As we age, our body’s metabolism naturally slows down. IV weight loss therapy helps your body counteract this natural slowdown by delivering a carefully-formulated blend of energy and metabolism-boosting vitamins into your body.

Our IV formula contains a unique blend of vitamins, minerals, and lipotropics that can help accelerate your metabolism. The lipotropics in this formula are compounds that help your body break down fat naturally. The added benefits of lipotropics is to improve your body’s ability to metabolize fat and prevent the buildup of fat in the liver, which helps your body remove excess fat much more quickly.  In addition to fat-burning compounds, our “skinny” IV contains energy-boosting ingredients such as magnesium, B-complex vitamins, and vitamin C that can help combat fatigue and give you the energy to conquer your day.

Our IV treatment for weight loss is designed to help you burn fat. However, this therapy is not a magic cure-all. Instead, this treatment is ideal and most effective in conjunction with healthy eating and regular exercise.

  3. Boosts Immunity

Sometimes your immune system needs a boost to fight infections. Whether you have an infection from a virus, a cold, or the flu, having an illness puts extra demands on your body during the recovery process. Your body needs more vitamins, minerals, aminos and hydration than usual to fight off an infection. Hydration is an essential part of recovering from illness, but it’s not always easy to drink a lot of fluids when sick, especially if you have nausea or a sore throat. IV treatments are administered directly into your bloodstream for maximum absorption and fast effect.

Our “shore you up” immunity IV will get you back on your feet and give you the protection you need to stay strong and healthy. Lysine and an extra boost of Zinc to stop viruses in their tracks. In addition, a high dose of vitamin C reduces inflammation and boosts immunity, B vitamins for energy and detox, and a mix of minerals for healing and immunity. 

  4. Detox and Anti-Aging

IV therapy naturally detoxifies your body by removing heavy metals and free radicals that cause damage to your cells. Heavy metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium, aluminum, and arsenic exist everywhere and can be found in food, water, and the environment. Therefore, human exposure to heavy metals is unavoidable.  

IV vitamin C therapy, alpha lipoic acid, and glutathione help eliminate toxic metals, prevent cell damage, and slow the effects of aging. Your body can process heavy metals naturally in small amounts, but overexposure can lead to heavy metal toxicity and an excess of free radical activity, called oxidative stress, that causes cell damage. Over time, this added damage ages your body and contributes to fatigue, slow metabolism, and damage to your DNA. 

Detox IV treatments help escort heavy metals out of the body and neutralize the oxidative stress that contributes to cell damage, aging, and changes in your metabolism.

Receiving IV Nutrition Therapy at Align Healing Center

At Align, we will only provide your body with the nutrition it requires based on your lifestyle and needs. When you make an appointment, we will take the time to listen to you and learn about your health issues.  Our skilled and qualified medical team will provide your IV nutrition. Each standard IV session takes place in less than an hour and helps to contribute to your health and wellness goals with each treatment.  You will feel better and healthier thanks to these fantastic IV therapy benefits. Combined with a healthy lifestyle, a good diet, and regular exercise, you’ll have real life-changing experiences that will ensure your well-being.

If you are interested in exploring what IV therapy can do for you, call Align Healing Center for a complimentary consultation at 925-362-8283.

Dr. Niele Maimone, DC

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