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COVID-19 Testing

  • COVID-19 IgM and IgG antibody testing, also known as serology testing, checks for 2 types of antibodies called immunoglobulin M(IgM) and G(IgG).
  • If you have been exposed to the virus that causes COVID-19, your body typically produces IgM antibodies first and then IgG antibodies as part of the immune response to the virus.
  • It can take up to five days to develop IgM and up to 90 days to make IgG antibodies.
  • This type of COVID-19 test is for individuals who think they may have been exposed to or had COVID-19 and do not currently have symptoms. 
  • This test is offered through our office and includes the blood draw and a report of findings. If needed a phone consult with the doctor is included to answer any questions the patient may have.
    • This test is not an at-home test.
    • This test does not tell you if you have an active COVID-19 infection.


  • This test is 99% accurate and results are delivered in 48-72 hours.


If you have questions about your test results visit our COVID-19 Testing - Understanding the Results page for more information.