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Customized Supplements

Align Healing Center Inc.

Chiropractic & Functional Medicine located in Danville, CA

Customized Supplements

While we all need the same essential nutrients to fuel our bodies, each of us is also unique in what we get from our food and areas we may be short due to life-style, age, and other factors. That’s why it makes no sense for each of us to take the exact same supplement, which is basically what happens with multivitamins. Instead, at Align Healing Center we test your nutrient levels and see where you stand individually, we then create customized supplements that fill those unique needs. After all, women have some different unique nutrient needs when compared with men, and these change with age. Lifestyle factors create different needs, as well.

In today's world everyone can benefit from supplementation to help with detoxification, aging, inflammation control and cellular repair. Once we run your micronutrient testing, we find exactly what nutrients you need. Then we create a customized supplement just for you.

Research has shown that certain vitamins and minerals taken thoughtfully can make an impact on health while taking a general multi-vitamin has very little impact on an individuals health. That’s why we customize supplements for our Align Healing Center patients. 

Customized supplements deliver exactly what your body needs, not a one-size-fits-all solution.