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After going from a very active lifestyle to being basically bedridden due to degenerative disease, I had almost given up hope.  To my amazement, after 3 laser sessions, I could walk and move without pain.  After 3 more, I began light exercise, and now I can do all the things I enjoyed before laser.  Dr. Niele literally gave me my life back!

Shalisa P. 

For 10+ years I have had low back pain which made it hard for me to walk or stand for any length of time. I recently started going to Dr. Maimone for the K-Laser treatments. Now I am virtually pain free and I can walk much easier.

Don M., Danville

After I began my laser treatment I felt as if my body came alive! Sitting at a desk 8+ hours a day for years had my body feeling stiff and my shoulder was numb and painful.  I had trouble holding a pen to write without pain and weakness. Since I have received laser therapy and chiropractic I no longer have pain, weakness or numbness! I have started golf lessons and am able to exercise again!

Francine A., San Leandro

After suffering from tennis elbow and a recurring shoulder injury for over a year I am amazed that a month of laser therapy, chiropractic and therapy exercises has me back to 90% of my strength and pain free!

Lynn W., Walnut Creek

I cannot thank you enough for the "miracle healing" of my knee! It was such a bad fall and yet after the first treatment I have never had any more pain and I have been able to be on my feet all day. Thank you so much for your great laser and your caring treatment.

J. Frank, Walnut Creek

I'm entirely painfree this morning...You're a magician!!  I'll encourage my patients to consider laser therapy for their pain.  Thanks again. 

Dr. Navolanic, MD, Benicia

For the first time in 8 years I feel hopeful that I will be able to get off pain medication once-and-for-all. Laser therapy has given me my life back, after three treatments my arthritis pain had reduced by 70% and it just keeps getting better with each treatment. I wish I found K-Laser therapy sooner.

Selma C., Danville

I had never used a Chiropractor until making an appointment to see Dr. Niele Maimone.  She was recommended by several people we know so I decided to give her a try.  I've had on-going back and spine issues and have been unable to get any relief.  I've seen orthopedic surgeons and neurologists and have come away from those doctors frustrated, confused and still hurting.  Since seeing Dr. Maimone, I am regaining my health, spirit and confidence.   She has great strength of character and listens to everything I tell her.  Her knowledge of the body always impresses me and makes me listen to every word she says.  Dr. Maimone has helped me regain my strength and freedom again. 

 Pat W., Alamo

Six months ago I was sent out of the doctors office with a prescription for pain meds and little hope. Dr. Maimone and Laser therapy have changed my life! My knee and hip pain has resolved and I am pain free once again!

Jack B., Danville

I will never be able to express in words how much I appreciate what you do for Tyler (4 year old with CHARGE syndrome). You give me hope and I feel your are really an incredible part of his life. I feel so much comfort and support from you. Thank you so much for caring.

Victoria C., San Ramon

I just have to throw this recommendation out there for my new chiropractor. She has made such a difference in my health. Her name is Dr. Niele Maimone. I can honestly say that this woman works miracles!!

About a month ago I was looking for a chiropractor who was familiar with treating TMJ (I was having severe pain at that time) and Dr. Niele said that she had experience and would like to treat me. I saw her soon after and after a few sessions, I have no more TMJ pain.

But that's not all! Since Tuesday morning I have been fighting a battle with Vertigo so I called her office this morning to see if she had any experience with that and Berti, the receptionist, said that Dr. Niele did have experience treating vertigo and she could see me this afternoon. After my session this afternoon the vertigo is completely gone!!

Dr. Niele is heaven-sent!  She is a fabulous woman and truly is concerned about your health and well-being. She does some pretty amazing stuff in her office that has blown me away but you'd have to see it for yourself.

Thanks Dr. Niele!

Linda E., Dublin


My whole family has been using Align Healing Center's services for over 7 years. The whole staff is friendly and helpful and I've found that they look at your whole self when assisting you on a path to wellness, rather than just the specific issue. Dr. Niele's adjustments are so gentle that even my children let themselves be adjusted. Her office is warm and welcoming and very family-friendly. I can't say enough about  how  great her practice is and I highly recommend her as a practitioner.

Caryn U., San Ramon

My doctor, Niele Maimone, DC,  put me on a cleansing program to reduce the inflammation in my body in addition to chiropractic care and in 8 weeks the pain in my hip is 90% resolved, my energy level has increased  (it was good before I started cleansing), and I lost weight and over 12 inches!  I recently wore a suit that I haven't been able to wear in 5 years and I am now wearing a pair of jeans that I almost gave to Goodwill because I didn't think there was a chance in hell they'd ever fit again!  Once I removed the toxins from my body it began to work more efficiently and with no extra effort (no I did not spend hours at the gym while in this process), I began feeling incredible!  I have to say that I didn't take on the cleanse for weight loss, but I am thrilled that it happened!

Caron K., Danville

Years ago, I suffered from a number of allergy symptoms. After hiking and bike riding over the weekend my congestion and coughing felt like I had a cold every Monday. I also experienced major congestion and sneezing every time I cleaned my birds cage. In 2004 at Align Healing Center, I received a series of  BioSET treatments to address these and other allergies. I immediately noticed that my weekend hiking no longer caused the cold-like symptoms and I no longer suffered with congestion and sneezing when cleaning the bird cage. To this day I am still symptom free. While I am a little fuzzy on how BioSET actually works, my experience has convinced me that it does.

Leslie D., Walnut Creek

I wanted to express my thanks for the wonderful effectiveness of the Dermosonic treatments.  Last summer I didn't even want to put on a pair of shorts, and this summer I am so pleased with how slim and nice my legs are looking as I peruse the photos of our rafting trip - which was bathing suit essential.  I think more important than the good looks is the knowledge that my skin, circulation and general health has improved significantly from this work.  

Jeanne F., Walnut Creek

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